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About Us

Research Intellica is a market research firm dealing resale of market research reports. We have large database of market research reports which are based on complete survey including different categories and sub categories. All are available under one roof to serve you in a better way in minimum time and at affordable cost.

Our market reports are used by the clients of different industries across the world to fulfill their market research requirement to establish their business successfully.

We provide 24/7 support regarding client needs of market research survey. We are always bound to serve you in a better way regarding marketing needs.

Dealing with client and publisher is very important for our business growth so we prefer sharing good bond with our clients and publisher. We have smart and punctual team to serve in less time and hassle.

For more details you are always open to contact us any time.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Why Research Intellica?

We offers B2B Research in a wide range of industries, and provide an in-depth and comprehensive assessment of a variety of emerging and niche segments across the globe through various partner publisher across the globe.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept payment using PayPal Payment method.

What type of research reports does we provide ?

We provide Market Reports to customers accurate and comprehensive market insights as per their requirements. We offer syndicated, customized and consulting reports on global, regional and country-wise market research.

Do you any refund policy?

Since we deal in the information services sector and given the sensitive nature of our industry, our customers will comprehend to the no refund policy .